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Fall 2015

DHS Academy Theatre presents:

November 13th and 14th 7pm November 15th at 2 pm
Tickets: Students $5 & Adults $10 at the door

Danvers ACTS

The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon
By Don Zolidis
Directed by Sam Montanari
Assistant Directed by Emma Henry and Abbi Foglietta


Narrator #1: Nina Perel
Narrator #2: Tim Etzel
Actor: Aurora Hannisian
Girl: Jessica Lovett
Dirt Merchant/Doctor: Billy Bogiages
Rumpelstiltskin/Dwarf #2: Kristina Hathaway
Enchantress: Olivia Perez
The Devil: Amanda Murray
Prince: Trevor Hathaway
Rapunzel: Kailee Rees
Hansel: Erica Petrillo
Gretel: Diana Silva
Witch 1: Nikola Davern
Witch 2: Madison Filip
Snow White: Meghan O’Leary
Devil’s Grandmother: Lauren Hawkins
Dwarf 1/Cinderella: Clea Matt
Technical Team
Stage Manager: Rebecca Ahmed
Set Design: Kelly Lewis
Costume Design: Emily Danjou Asst. Costume Design: Maggie Morceau and Hal Warren
Light Design: Michael Dahlquist
Sound Design: Kevin Reidy

Danvers ACTS

Check Please
By Jonathan Rand
Co-Directed by Jake Roy and Colin Prentiss

Girl: Lyndsey Caouette
Guy: Kevin Reidy
Louis: Mike Neff
Melanie: Madelyn Dunn
Ken: Hannah Kelsey
Mary: Sarah Welford
Mark: Mike Neff
Pearl: Sarah Sweeney
Tod: Sam Patterson
Sophie: Stephany Pallazolla
Brandon: Ricky Van Campen
Manny: Jason Thompson
Mimi: Cassie Prentisss
Waiter #1: Em Stanley
Waiter #2: Kathryn Wood
Technical Team
SM – Delaney Prentiss
Set – Mikayla McCarthy
Costume - Parker Cook
Asst. Costume – Dan Ouellette
Lights – Dan Scottgale
Sound – Sara Walk

Danvers ACTS

Time Flies
By David Ives
Directed by Erin Wood
Assistant Directed by Tyler Schmink and Zoe Barham

Horace: Conor Forden

May: Miranda Furnari

David: Daisy Powers
Technical Team
Stage Manager: Katya Grayton Heinz
Set Design: Beth Truax
Costume Design: Genevieve Krupcheck
Asst. Costume Design: Trinity Desmarais
Light Design: Dan Scottgale
Sound Design: Michael Guay
Backstage Manager for all shows: Sam Lewis
Build/Run Crew: Sole Velaquez, Kendra Locke, Sam Pelletier, Kyla Racki, Katrina Blaus, Allison Burke, Russel Lederman

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